Repairs and Servicing

Coffee Machine Repair and Servicing


We are a repair centre for many major brand names and we will honour warranties for those coffee machines regardless of whether they were purchased directly from us or elsewhere.  In addition to machines that are covered by warranty we also repair and service all other brand name coffee machines. We also stock a wide range of parts and can provide quick service in most situations.  The best way is to give us a call for a  free consultation and  to confirm that we can repair  your coffee machine. Some coffee machines and some espresso machines last very long time, but some might get faulty relatively soon. If your coffee machine is not working properly then it might have of the following problems:

  • Coffee Machine is not responding at all
  • Coffee Machine does not grind coffee (grinder not working)
  • Espresso machine not warming up water
  • Espresso machine pump not pumping enough
  • Espresso pump not working at all
  • Water leaking under espresso machine
  • Broken coffee pot
  • Water not coming out from coffee machine
  • Display on coffee maker not working any more
  • Coffee machine makes too loud noise

These issues could  be related heater, pump, sensor, electrical cable, fuse or some other machine problems.  If any of these issues appear, or you might experience a different problem with your coffee machine or espresso machine – we are here to help! The best way to reach us is to give us a phone call first as we might help you with the problem over the phone without any cost.

+44 7454 599944