Flexible, compact, efficient, cost-saving – PURITY C 1. Optimal water quality.



Flexible, compact, efficient, cost-saving – PURITY C 1. Optimal water quality.

Your advantages:
• Consistent water quality over the entire life of the filter
• Safe machine protection • Clear reduction in service costs
• Free from undesirable taste taints and odours
• The aromatics of the food and drink can be fully appreciated pure and unadulterated
• Effective filtration even in water with low carbonate hardness Our service to you:
• Even flow system • Perfect, inter-coordinated filter media and components
• IntelliBypass technology*
• By-pass opportunity of up to 30%* *with PURITY C Quell ST filters 2. The highest level of product safety.

Your advantages:
• Safe handling
• High level of operating security
• Long service life of the filter heads (10 years)
• Impossible to accidentally spill water when removing the cartridge
• Built-in water valve for exchanges

Our service to you:
• Visual safety symbols
• Audible lock engagement
• Stable filter cartridges, bursting pressure tested
• Certified safety through independent institutions
• Integrated flush and bleed valve in the filter heads
• Water short-cut if cartridge is not inserted
• Fully capacity tested 3. Simple handling.

Your advantages:
• Fast and convenient filter exchange without the need for tools
• No need to switch off water during exchange
• Simple pre-rinsing and bleeding
• Vertical, horizontal and even overhead installation possible

Our service to you:
• Rapid-change system
• Tightly packed filter material
• Comprehensive accessory range including FlowMeters, adapters and hose sets
• Water inlet and outlet on one filter head side for space-saving installation in floor units or machines

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